Tips for finding a genuine company to sell your house for cash

Selling for your house might be a good option, but not all companies are genuine out there. Some companies offer genuine deals, but at the same time, you need to be careful. To find a good company to buy your house, you need to take time and do some research. It is the small things that you check that will help you in determining if the company is genuine. There are many benefits of selling house fast, and you should consider the idea.

How to determine if a cash buying company is genuine

No upfront payment

A cash buying company should not ask for any upfront payment before offering you services. If the company asks you for any money then probably they are not genuine. The company should be able to come and assess your house without asking for any money from you.

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Show a proof of funds

Before signing any deal with a cash buying company, they should show you a proof of funds. You should not trust any company with your property documents without getting proof that they will be able to pay you. After the company showing a proof of funds through a bank statement or any other form of proof, then you can go ahead and start the necessary transaction.

Previous clients

A good company should be able to give you a list of previous clients so that you can determine if they offer good customer service. A company is only as good as their previous customers; it doesn’t matter how much they promise to offer you. You can only assess their ability based on what they offered their previous customers. If the company cannot provide their previous customers, then you should not trust their services.

Give a valuation report

A valuation report is one of the most important things when selling your house. This is a report that attaches some value to your home. The cash company should not just give you an offer for your house from nowhere. The offer that the cash company gives you should be after valuation and get the worth of the house.

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No commission
A cash buying company is not supposed to take any commission from the buyer. It is their responsibility to take care of all the activities that are involved in the process of buying the house.


How to sell your house profitably

Each home seller wants to sell their house quickly and for the maximum price.To accomplish this, it is vital to know which repairs are totally necessary and how to correctly price it in order to sell the house in the shortest period. Through planning carefully and sprucing up the house professionally to improve first impressions you can achieve a quick sale. You must acquire marketing tips on how to find qualified buyers like and attract many offers so to sell the house profitably.To ensure profitability when at the end of your transaction you must consider the following factors:

Best time to sellwatch

Real estate markets generally pick up in the month of February and the period lasts until the end of June in most markets. This time is known to be the strongest selling season. Another favorable period is from early September to late November. The end of November experiences a market slump due to the holiday season.


Avoid overpricing. The market situation also should be put into account. The pricing should be in line with the prices of recently sold homes in that area as indicated in the comparative market analysis report. Get purchase offers and make a counter offer and be ready for various offers if you have priced the price well. After establishing the price of the house by looking at the prices of other houses around your surroundings, you can price it 10% below them. This will assist you in selling your home quickly if it is the cheapest and newest in the market.

Repairs to be made

Find out which repairs and home improvement projects to carry out as this can add the value of the house to sell. Fix the cracks on the wall and replace the cracked floors and tiles on the kitchen counter. Repair or replace the door knobs, locks, and bells. Replace leaky taps and faucets I n the bathroom. Polish door handles and rust spots and repaint the areas with peeling paint. Ensure the toilet seats are replaced. Repairing and replacing the missing tiles or shingles from the roof is also essential. Paint the exterior fixtures like the window trims, door frames and fence and much more.


homeThe advertising of the house must include all the selling points. Quality pictures and a virtual tour of the house online will increase the traffic of potential buyers. Hiring a professional stager for staging your home is also a brilliant idea to woo the potential purchaser.